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Childhood Swirls

. if majin bu & jabba the hutt had a baby it would look something like this, on a cone .

There are a few themes going on this week with my posts. I get very nostalgic especially when it comes to food and I tend to connect the past with the present. Hmm…that could quite possibly be the overall theme of this blog. Anyway, today’s walk down memory lane took me to Carvel.

I remember the days when my grandfather or my eldest aunt would load all of us girls into the car for a quick Carvel trip, which felt like ages when you’re packed into the back seat of an unconditioned car. Back then, an ice cream run was a luxury and an experience. Compared to the more sophisticated artisan ice cream shops that are popping up, Carvel may not seem like a big deal. I still get excited especially when they come out with their soft serve flavor of the month. This month is Ghirardelli and I have to say it was pretty good.

It may look like the regular chocolate soft serve, you can still taste the difference. The flavor translates into a more deeper, almost toasty, smooth chocolate that’s all synonymous with the Ghirardelli brand and products. While I kind of hoped for and anticipated a darker chocolate soft serve flavor, it was still delicious and satisfied my gastronomical whim and curiosity for the day.

Mac Attack 

. mac from alphabet city {crack and I’m not just talking about the sound the crispy baked top makes} .

There’s nothing that screams childhood more than mac and cheese. Albeit the childhood mac and cheese that I’m unashamedly fond of is in a blue box, takes about 3 minutes to make, and about the same time to consume not without burning the interior of your mouth and your esophagus first.

This mac and cheese from Boulton & Watt in Alphabet City in the NYC was sophisticated, as mac and cheese strive to be these days.

The thick tubes of rigatoni engulfed in a creamy white cheddar sauce technically make it rigatoni and cheese than a mac and cheese but I’m not complaining and neither was my lunch date, my 4 year old cousin MaKayla who just graduated from pre-k. Sealed under a broiled breadcrumb shell composed of a mixture of parsley, garlic and perhaps more cheese, the bubbling mac-rigatoni made me forget about the unnatural orangey yellow sauce of years past just for a moment.

Was it the best mac and cheese I’ve ever tasted? I can’t say it was. I’m biased towards my own homemade mac and cheese. But it was undoubtably gosh darn delicious and kid approved.

Fun fact, I spent a year trying to create what I think is the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Last week I had the strongest craving for a freshly baked, chocolate-chip cookie (or two) like the one I’m holding in the picture above.

Does anyone ever have cravings like that?

Anyway, usually I have some dough from another batch sitting in freezer, ready to be dropped onto a baking sheet and popped into the oven. I could have sworn I did, but to my great disappointment there wasn’t. So I settled for the emergency roll of cookie dough.

emergency roll chocolate chip cookie

In my year of crafting the perfect cookie, I gathered, as I usually do when I’m cooking or baking, many life lessons. Here are my top three.

Lesson 1: There’s more than one way.  Continue reading “Life lessons and cookie crumbs”

“mmm donuts”

National Donut (Doughnut) Day, in my opinion, is any day I consume a donut (or three). Alas, the world doesn’t revolve around my gastronomical calendar or, a more fitting term, gastronomical whims.

In any case, the first Friday in June is the official National Donut Day which I am more than happy to celebrate. I have a deep affection for donuttery confections and I am glad that donuts have become so trendy. While baking cupcakes is part of my baking repertoire, I’m not a fan of eating them and if I do, it has to have frosting which is usually the best part of an actual cupcake if done right.

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Hello there!

After many requests to start a blog, I’ve finally started one with the intention (and determination) to keep it alive, well, and updated.


Hopefully you can see in the picture above, beneath the mountain of rice noodles, vegetables, and meat, our kaldero which, translated from Taglog to English is “cooking pot.” For as long as I can remember, we’ve always had this kaldero in the family. Growing up with an older sister, five aunts who were close in age, parents, and lolo (my dad’s dad), there was always a need to make enough food to feed an army, on a budget, and preferably in one pot.

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