Let me begin by saying hello and thank you for visiting my blog!

My name is Krystine, but you can call me Krys.

My love for writing began when I was younger. Every year, our elementary school would give out gifts during Christmas time and every year, without fail, I received a journal or books, while everyone else got fun things like dolls or water guns. I can now appreciatively look back and say that it was the universe’s way of telling me, “maybe your time would be better spent writing or expanding your word bank.”

I’m not a professional writer, but the term “wordsmith” is being used increasingly to describe me and my writing these days. I graduated college in 2011 with a Bachelors in English Composition, with the aspiration of working for a big publishing house as an editor or writer. However, the universe had other plans and I utilized my skills in editing and writing in a somewhat alternative way by editing and developing apps for smartphones. In the mix of it all, I started a small, dessert catering business during my senior year. I’m happy to report it continues to grow.

I’m back in school working on a new graduate with a masters degree in communications, aspiring to do something with it eventually. In the meantime, my writing muscle, which has been suffering greatly from muscle atrophy, is being flexed beyond the limits of work emails and text messages.

I figured starting a blog will help keep the words flowing.

With work and now schoolfood and cooking have been my outlets for creativity. Growing up as a Filipino-American, in a multicultural community only thirty minutes from the epicenter of the world, New York City, allowed me to connect with other cultures through eating,  cooking, and sharing their food. My upbringing helped me understand similarities and differences across cultures and the importance of keeping the connection to my Filipino heritage alive and well through cooking, eating, and sharing this part of my life with others.

The connections I’ve made through the food that I cook and eat are like friendships that I reconnect with every so often but never forget. My hopes now are to connect my lifelong passions of writing, cooking, and eating together on this blog and get a conversation or two going.

Feel free to follow me as I craft up words, explore new foods, and build stronger connections as I navigate through dishes and life.