. if majin bu & jabba the hutt had a baby it would look something like this, on a cone .

There are a few themes going on this week with my posts. I get very nostalgic especially when it comes to food and I tend to connect the past with the present. Hmm…that could quite possibly be the overall theme of this blog. Anyway, today’s walk down memory lane took me to Carvel.

I remember the days when my grandfather or my eldest aunt would load all of us girls into the car for a quick Carvel trip, which felt like ages when you’re packed into the back seat of an unconditioned car. Back then, an ice cream run was a luxury and an experience. Compared to the more sophisticated artisan ice cream shops that are popping up, Carvel may not seem like a big deal. I still get excited especially when they come out with their soft serve flavor of the month. This month is Ghirardelli and I have to say it was pretty good.

It may look like the regular chocolate soft serve, you can still taste the difference. The flavor translates into a more deeper, almost toasty, smooth chocolate that’s all synonymous with the Ghirardelli brand and products. While I kind of hoped for and anticipated a darker chocolate soft serve flavor, it was still delicious and satisfied my gastronomical whim and curiosity for the day.