. mac from alphabet city {crack and I’m not just talking about the sound the crispy baked top makes} .

There’s nothing that screams childhood more than mac and cheese. Albeit the childhood mac and cheese that I’m unashamedly fond of is in a blue box, takes about 3 minutes to make, and about the same time to consume not without burning the interior of your mouth and your esophagus first.

This mac and cheese from Boulton & Watt in Alphabet City in the NYC was sophisticated, as mac and cheese strive to be these days.

The thick tubes of rigatoni engulfed in a creamy white cheddar sauce technically make it rigatoni and cheese than a mac and cheese but I’m not complaining and neither was my lunch date, my 4 year old cousin MaKayla who just graduated from pre-k. Sealed under a broiled breadcrumb shell composed of a mixture of parsley, garlic and perhaps more cheese, the bubbling mac-rigatoni made me forget about the unnatural orangey yellow sauce of years past just for a moment.

Was it the best mac and cheese I’ve ever tasted? I can’t say it was. I’m biased towards my own homemade mac and cheese. But it was undoubtably gosh darn delicious and kid approved.